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About Us

We create and build the Highest Quality Garage Doors.  We service all Garage Door Opener brands.  We sell and install new openers by LiftMaster.  We sell Garage Door Accessories at the Lowest Prices for all Garage Door related Products and Services residential and commercial.  Our services include door spring repair, roller repair, track repair, cables and chain repair,  access control panel issues and reprograming, motor operator service and repair, and  preventive maintenance.  We service based in Glenwood Springs and Rifle Colorado up to Aspen Snowmass and the surrounding area. 100% Guarantee Courteous, Professional, Highly Trained, Prompt, Friendly Garage Door Technicians, NOT Sub-Contractors Licensed & Insured, with over 32 years of experience in garage door installation and service, Locally Owned and Owner Operated.

Garage Doors Product Types

Residential Overhead Garage Doors

Garage Door Openers

The Most Advanced Openers Available, Strong, Quiet, and Versatile. LiftMaster for the best in smart home and security features.  LiftMaster residential openers are transforming the garage space with new features like MyQ Smart Garage Door Phone App. These are not your father’s garage door openers. They are sleek, modern with extended technology for your smart home.

Custom Design Garage Doors

Create a Kenny’s custom designed garage doors to your specifications. Browse from many of our projects to get and idea of what could be or bring your own vision and we will produce it.  No matter the custom design Kenny’s has the experience to deliver your Colorado Overhead Door on time and budget and with a one of a kind production you can be proud of.

Prefabricated Garage Doors

Your residential garage is your choice. We have a range of designs, materials, and colors to suit all tastes and styles – from modern to traditional, farmhouse to beach house, and everything between. Collections include Planks, Sterling, Skyline Flush, Shore line, Overlay Carriage House, Raised Panel, Stamped Carriage House, Stamped Shaker, Recessed Panel, and Full-View Aluminum.

Full-View Aluminum

MODERN CLASSIC Design Glass Options, Window Panel Options, Color Options to deliver a stylish appeal of a sleek and architecturally refined garage door. Panel widths and heights can be configured to meet your requirements. Choose from glass or aluminum panels and painted, anodized or wood grain powder coated finishes. Regardless of your choices, the Modern Classic’s beauty will last a lifetime and is virtually maintenance free.

Accessories & Access Control

Access Control for Residential applications include Video Intercom and Analog entry systems, Proximity Readers, Motion Detection, Button Stations, Wireless Controllers, Wireless Keypads, Lighting Systems, Battery backup systems and more.  Phone App bases keypad control with myQ Smart Garage. 

Commercial Overhead Doors

Commercial Garage Door Openers

No matter the type Light-Duty, Medium-Duty, Industrial Duty, or Specialty Operators you have, LiftMaster commercial door operators will keep it in operation safely and efficiently so your business can keep running smoothly. LiftMaster commercial door operators are highly customizable, so they can be modified to excel in any environment.

Large industrial building with multiple garage doors.

Commercial Sandwich & Ribbed Steel

Insulated Sandwich and Ribbed Steel Doors.  Made of durable, low maintenance steel.  Insulated for thermal efficiency with R-values from R-10.29 to R-26.89.  Customizable with a variety of standard colors and 188 powder coat options!  Available in insulated and non-insulated versions
Wide variety of gauge options.  High performance and everyday reliability.  Long lasting durability

Modern commercial building with glass doors and blue trim.

Commercial Full-View Aluminum

Commercial full-view aluminum Doors.  Get a clean, modern look combined with flexibility, durability, and quality. Our commercial glass garage doors are an aesthetically pleasing choice making them ideal for your home or business.  Customizable to change the look of your door with a Wide selection of glass options. Removable inside retainers for easy window replacement

Commercial Rolling Door Systems

Our rolling overhead coiling doors are computer-engineered with time-proven principles and designs.  Designed for maximum strength and durability. Manufactured to stringent quality standards. With a variety of slat types, gauges, and operation types built to order with design flexibility and color options.  Our roll-up fire doors meet all of your compliance needs, including practical drop testing and positive crisis response. 

Commercial & Residential Gate Systems

Let LiftMaster Commercial gate operators keep your business moving quick and efficiently while making sure it remains safe and secure. With custom openers for Industrial Gates, Heave-Duty Gates, Barrier Gates, Swing Gates, Slide Gates, or Specialty Gate Operators.  For any application residential or commercial there are multiple sizes and application for gate opener systems.

Overhead Garage Door Materials

Sometimes, to understand a product, it is important to know what goes into a product. Many of Kenny’s garage doors are built with insulation, either polyurethane or polystyrene. To indicate the effectiveness of the insulated garage door, each door is rated with an R-value. The higher the R-value, the better the insulation properties and the greater the resistance is to heat flow.  Material types dependent on the application may be wood, aluminum, or steel. Made of durable Heavy Duty / 27 Gage Steel. Panel styles may include Fiberglass Overlay Carriage House, Steel Overlay Carriage House, or Wood Overlay Carriage House.  In many cases the garage door is a combination of Glass, Steel, Wood, Aluminum, and insulation. 

Overhead Garage Door Services

Technician installing LiftMaster garage door opener in garage.

Electric operator replacement

When the existing operator becomes outdated or malfunctions, a replacement is necessary to ensure smooth and reliable operation. Modern garage door operators offer advanced features such as smartphone connectivity, remote access, and enhanced safety mechanisms, making them a worthwhile upgrade. The replacement process typically involves disconnecting the old unit, installing the new one, and configuring it to work seamlessly with the existing garage door system.

Garage door Opening and Access Problems

Kenny provieds timely and reliable repair services for all types of overhead garage doors. We diagnose and fix issues such as broken springs, damaged panels, malfunctioning openers, and more. Emergency repair services available to address unexpected problems promptly. Damage and alignment issues, broken cables, bent tracks, roller wheel issues, and Access programing all cause opening and access problems.

Person repairing garage door spring system.

Garage Door preventive maintenance

Keep your overhead garage door in optimal condition with our routine maintenance services. Regular inspections and maintenance help prevent costly repairs and extend the lifespan of your garage door. Our maintenance plans are designed to fit your schedule and budget. We maintain Springs, Rollers, Tracks, Access Programing, Operators, and tune and fully test to optimum function.

Garage Door Level issues

Broken cables door not closing level

When garage door cables snap or become damaged, it can disrupt the smooth operation of the door, causing it to close unevenly or not close at all. This situation not only compromises the security of your home but also poses a safety risk to anyone using the garage. Our professional assistance will assess the extent of the cable damage, replace them if necessary, and ensure that the door closes level and operates safely

White garage door roller mechanism on ceiling

Garage door Roller Replacement

Garage door broken roller repair is a crucial service. When a roller becomes damaged or worn out, it can hinder the smooth operation of the door, leading to potential safety hazards and door failure. Our professional technicians specializing in garage door repair can efficiently assess and replace broken rollers, ensuring that the door glides smoothly along its tracks. This not only enhances the door's overall performance but also extends its lifespan, reducing the likelihood of more costly repairs down the road.

Gray flip cell phone with open keypad.

Keyboard Access Control Programming

Keyboard Access is a common problem for all garage door owners. Lost codes, battery, reprograming, and training are all problems we assist with. We provide timely and reliable repair services for all types of overhead garage doors. Garage door emergencies can happen at any time. That's why we're available 24/7 to assist you. We diagnose and fix issues such as broken springs, damaged panels, malfunctioning openers, and more. Emergency repair services available to address unexpected problems promptly.

Track Damage Repair

Track damage, bent, or alignment issues

Garage door track damage, whether it's caused by wear and tear or an accidental impact, can lead to a range of issues that affect the smooth operation of your garage door. Bent or misaligned tracks can disrupt the door's movement, causing it to get stuck or make unsettling noises during operation. When the tracks are damaged, it can put excessive strain on other components like the rollers and opener, potentially leading to costly repairs down the line.

Person repairing garage door spring with wrench.

Garage door Spring broken

A broken garage door spring is a major problem for homeowners. This crucial component of the garage door system plays a pivotal role in supporting the door's weight, making it easier to open and close. When a garage door spring breaks, it typically results in the door becoming heavy and difficult to operate manually. To address this issue, it's essential to enlist the services of a professional garage door technician who can safely and efficiently replace the broken spring, ensuring the door's smooth and safe operation once again.

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